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One of the most

important and blissful things in life is to choose the right mattress for yourself. It will be there for you every night, helping you get a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed every day. An excellent sleep environment will ensure lifelong health!

Beverly Hills

California is synonymous with the rich and famous. Not only does it symbolize wealth and power, health is also the prerequisite. Naturally having a good mattress for your bed is essential. Beverly Bedding was created in the spirit of Beverly Hills. While we may not have immense wealth, we could certainly decide to have a comfortable and luxurious mattress to go to sleep in because health is the greatest wealth in life!


countries have over a hundred years of history in the research and development of mattress technology. In June 1996, an elite group of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and research and development of imported mattresses inherited the legacy of Euro-American bedding technology and created Beverly Bedding in the spirit of lifelong commitment and service. This brand is now registered and marketed in the United States and Taiwan. The Beverly Bedding brand is built on the use of premium material, and excellent quality, stringent quality control and complete after-sales service, making it widely popular among consumers.

The Beverly Bedding

brand is now in its 20th year in Taiwan. We dedicate ourselves to producing the best mattresses using the highest standard and lead the industry with continuous R&D innovations. We use the best materials and possess the most advanced technology, and everything is 100% made in Taiwan! We enable each consumer to afford presidential class mattress without paying an exorbitant price. We give you the most comfortable sleep environment and the best sleep quality, keeping you energized every day and healthy for life. Beverly Bedding is the most trustworthy choice of your life!