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精緻品質 quality

Becoming a world player with European materials

From its beginning as an OEM manufacturer, Beverly Bedding has endeavored to satisfy the requirements of different customers and actively develop its core technology. It has accumulated 30 years of experience in professional designing and manufacturing. All design work and manufacturing are done in Taiwan while mattresses’ latex foam and fabric materials originate from Europe, where quality always comes first. Beverly Bedding supplies products recognized for their quality worldwide.

Organic choice, non-toxic lifestyle

Happiness in life begins with a healthy body. The use of 100% Oeko-Tex organic fabric and INOX anti-static materials keep the whole family safe from any toxic material while sleeping. Not only does it create the optimal sleep environment but also a safety net for natural, stress-free sleep.

Breathable design

Unique micro-cell structure in Latexco natural latex foam automatically regulates temperature and moisture. Not only is the material breathable but also achieve full ventilation and air flow. Fabric covers made from natural silver, aloe vera and Tencel do not trapped heat and moisture in skin pores, which could cause discomfort and allergy. With the entire body able to breathe deeply, sleep quality is improved, and the sense of happiness and well-being follow.

Comfot Duo 720

Utilizing patented pocket springs with European natural high-support latex foam, the mattress provides 720-degree 3D support for every point, line and surface of the body, ensuring complete stress relief. Wake up to greater vitality and purpose the next day, and continue your endeavor for happiness in life.